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We know how unpredictable the Krkonoše Mountains wilderness can be. At times it is harsh, other times it is generous. It can freeze so hard that the forest trees splinter, rain can come down in a deluge, or the skies can be absolutely cloudless.
Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or the skies are full of stars, here you can indulge yourself with good food and quality wine. Experience life on cloud nine.
This is indulgence.

It is restaurant Lebeda Špindlerův Mlýn.

Menu of Old-Bohemian and International Cuisine

Krkonoše and Old-Bohemian cuisine offers a table redolent of mountain air, forests, mushrooms and overflowing with kindness and hospitality.

So that hunger does not bother you,
we must rush our menu to you,
as hunger is not a welcome guest here.
Hunger holds no favour with us,
so look forward to our hearty dishes.

It occurred to us to map out the old Krkonoše according to what they used to throw together and offer you long forgotten dishes from Krkonoše mountain dwellers. After tasting the treasures from our menu just relax, sip contentedly from your glass and enjoy the silence. Soon you will realise that there is time aplenty and that breathing in times long gone delights with an undying charm that rests in simplicity.

With respect and humility, we wish you a pleasant experience at the Lebeda mountain restaurant.

Miroslav Chvalina
Restaurant Manager

David Grundza
Head Chef



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Monday – Sunday   11:00 – 23:00

Bedřichov 80, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn

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